Corbett Road was founded in 2002 on the premise that the traditional approach to investing isn’t always the best approach to investing. There are multiple statistics and figures that support several investment styles, but the problem with many of these approaches is that they don’t account for the human element. They don’t account for YOU.

We believe that success and attainment of true wealth aren’t solely determined by whether or not you outperformed the market, your neighbor, or your colleague on a particular day. It’s not determined by your experience in the market, be it positive or negative. Most of the time, it is the culmination of several decisions that you make that have been guided by your attitudes, habits, and natural tendencies. Simply put, it is not numbers (financials) that inhibit one’s success, but their human nature.

We pride ourselves on our discovery process, comprehensive financial planning, a proprietary approach to tactical investment management, and a high level of client service. We appreciate the uniqueness of each of our clients and the relationships that result from partnering with them.


We serve clients across the United States and others that have moved abroad. From our main office in the Washington, D.C. area to our office in Los Angeles, CA, we are committed to creating tailored solutions and financial plans for our clients and specialize in serving the ‘working wealthy’.

As a client of ours, you prioritize both the growth and the preservation of the wealth you have accumulated. You have reached a point in your life that you want a comprehensive approach to your finances and someone to help discuss with, strategize for, and/or guide you through your future needs, desires, and milestones. Our goal is to help you achieve those milestones, enjoy the fruits of your efforts, and assist the next generation in building a future of their own.

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you and your family.


The Corbett Road Team is made up of a diverse group of the best and brightest in the industry. Their number one goal is to help their clients achieve their goals.

C. Scott Airey


Scott is the founder and President of Corbett Road and...

Matthew Gaffey

Managing Partner & Senior Vice President

Matthew is a Managing Partner at Corbett Road and a...

C. Scott Airey

Position: President
Designations: CFP®, MBA, AWMA℠

Scott is the founder and President of Corbett Road and is a member of the Corbett Road Investment Committee. Prior to founding Corbett Road, Scott was a Branch Manager at Charles Schwab and began his financial services career at Legg Mason Wood Walker. Scott earned his BS in Consumer Economics from the University of Delaware and MBA from the University of Baltimore. He is a Certified Financial Planner™, Accredited Wealth Management AdvisorSM, and holds FINRA Series 7, 9, 10, 63, and 65 licenses and Life, Health, and Variable Annuity Insurance licenses.

Matthew Gaffey

Position: Managing Partner & Senior Vice President
Designations: CFP®, ChFC®, BFA™, CFF

Matthew is a Managing Partner at Corbett Road and a member of the Corbett Road Investment Committee. He offers clients years of financial services, retirement planning, and wealth management experience. Prior to joining Corbett Road, Matthew worked for Fidelity Investments and was a President’s Circle Award Winner. He has a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech and has earned the Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant®, Behavioral Financial Advisor™, and Certified Financial Fiduciary® designations. He also holds FINRA Series 7 and 66 licenses, as well as Life, Health, and Variable Annuity insurance licenses. Matthew is a member of the Financial Planning Association and Virginia Tech Alumni Association.



Liz Weston: Retiring? If You Need a Home Loan, Get One First

The Washington Post

Retired engineers Kelly and Derek Barkey assumed they would be approved when they applied for a $50,000 home equity line of credit two years ago to fix up their new house.

The Barkeys, now 56 and 59, had just sold their longtime home in Southern California and paid cash for a house worth about $850,000 near St. Louis, Missouri. They had retirement accounts worth $3 million, $500,000 in a taxable brokerage account and excellent credit scores.

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ChatGPT Is a Handy Tool for Client Communications. And It's Just Getting Started.


ChatGPT has suddenly transformed artificial intelligence from a concept into a cultural moment. The advanced chatbot, which is the mastermind of OpenAI, allows you to submit a sentence or two and receive back in-depth humanlike responses, including instructions, poetry, jokes, songs, and even computer code.

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Investors are Hardwired to Make Poor Decisions


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

John Maynard Keynes said, “It is the state of our own minds that matter the most.” Just as the economy can sometimes behave erratically according to Keynesian economics, so too can the human brain (a phenomenon many of us know all too well). However, gaining a deeper understanding of the mind’s innerworkings can help us override impulsive behavior, consider logic and reason, and ultimately make better informed financial decisions.

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Have bad credit? Here's what you can do to help fix it

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It’s no secret that having bad credit can severely hinder one’s financial experience. The worse the credit score, the worse the experience.

“There are no shortcuts to fixing a bad credit score, but like many things, it can be done with hard work and diligence,” said Matthew Gaffey, Certified Financial Planner at Corbett Road Wealth Management, in McLean, Va.

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A matter of degree: With so many options, how can advisors find the best future planners?


Some 50 years after the birth of the independent planning movement, the industry is facing a succession crisis. In a rush to fill soon-to-be empty roles, firms have finally begun to build talent pipelines with colleges and universities. For their part, schools have ramped up their offerings for budding advisors.

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There are about a million reasons to want your money to go farther in 2023. Maybe the high inflation throughout 2022 has you feeling like you’re paying more for less, or perhaps you took a pay cut that made you feel financially squeezed.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Joe Natiello is facing what you might call a “nice problem to have.”

Almost 20 years ago, the 64-year-old Westfield, New Jersey, resident took out a term life insurance policy, to help cover his family in case the worst happened.

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5 Financial Steps You Should Take in the Coronavirus Economy, According to Experts

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate fell to 10.2% in July 2020 as 1.4 million people found work. The report credited improvements in the labor market to Americans who resumed the economic activity they had halted during the pandemic.

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Traders punish Schwab, TD, ETrade for move away from commissions


The market sees Schwab’s announcement of commission-free trading as a direct hit to revenues.

While investors and financial advisers using the Charles Schwab brokerage platform might be celebrating Tuesday’s announcement of commission-free trading, the stock market had a different take on the news.

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5 Smart Ways to Help Your Kids Financially––Even If You Don't Have Trump's Wealth


President Trump’s father reportedly gave him hundreds of millions of dollars, but there are more modest ways to support kids.

Not everyone gets the kind of start in life that was given to President Trump. A New York Times investigation of President Trump’s father’s tax returns revealed the president’s father gave his son at least $413 million over the course of his lifetime.

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Ask an Advisor: 'I'm Depending on that Money.' How Can I Plan to Retire When Republicans Are Threatening to Cut Social Security?


How can I plan to retire fully when the Republicans are threatening to cut Social Security? I’m almost 73, still working part-time and I’ve paid into Social Security my entire life. I’m depending on that money!


Social Security benefits stand as a central pillar in many American retirement plans. In fact, the program provides benefits to 50 million retired workers and their dependents, according to the Social Security Administration.

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8 Financial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Location

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Think through the impact a new place will have on your budget before relocating in retirement.

If you’re thinking about moving to a new area to kick-start your retirement, it’s wise to consider the cost involved. Retirement places like perennially popular Florida aren’t always best for your pocketbook.

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Have bad credit? Here's what you can do to help fix it


Decking the halls comes with a hefty price tag and Americans are still feeling the sting from last year’s holiday tab.

Just under a third of Americans went into credit card debt to celebrate the 2018 holidays, racking up $745 in outstanding balances on average, according to a new survey that Crediful, a personal finance website, shared exclusively with Yahoo Money.

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Should An Investor Stay Away from a Variable Annuity? – 5 Experts Weigh In


A variable annuity is an annuity contract which allows for the allocation of money held in “subaccounts”. Although tax-deferred, variable annuities do not guarantee a return on the principal. In this article, 5 experts discuss whether or not an investor should stay away from a variable annuity.

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Are you still supporting your college graduate kid? Here's how to wean them off your money

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Congratulations: Your child is now a college graduate and ready to embark on adulthood. Or is she?

Many parents are helping their adult children pay for everyday expenses, from groceries and cellphone bills to rent and student loans.

In some cases, the support is putting the parents’ financial security at risk.

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We pride ourselves on our discovery process, comprehensive financial planning, a proprietary approach to tactical investment management, and a high level of client service. We appreciate the uniqueness of each of our clients and the relationships that result from partnering with them.

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