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smartlife™ ACCESS is the introductory level into Corbett Road Wealth Services, Our Advisors offer situational client-driven advice and assessment, annual reviews of your accounts, and can be used as a sounding board for all financial matters.

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smartlife™ Foundation offers all the services available within Access, while also providing a holistic financial plan that extensively examines your total financial picture. This service is designed to highlight your existing financial strengths and weaknesses, as well as a path toward your stated future goals.

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smartlife™ Wealth experience offers all of the services available within the Access and Foundation plans and also provides for additional reviews, advice, coaching, education, and an accountability partner to help ensure you execute your future vision.

It's Nature, Not Numbers

WHY IS smartlife™ DIFFERENT?

Typical approaches to Wealth Management, while well intended, typically lack execution and effectiveness because they fail to appropriately account for the most critical element. They fail to account for YOU.

•  A financial plan alone can be insufficient and often becomes obsolete shortly after being created

•  Shortcomings are usually the result of several decisions individuals make that fail to recognize and plan for their attitudes, habits, and natural tendencies

•  There is a significant difference between “having enough” and living a life that’s aligned with your values, beliefs, and goals

Corbett Road believes it is not solely the numbers (financials) that inhibit one’s success, but their human nature. By taking you, your behaviors, and your values into account, smartlife™ creates a better experience; an experience that is flexible enough to adjust with you as your life changes and provides differing levels of advice that cater to your needs.

About Corbett Road

We pride ourselves on our discovery process, comprehensive financial planning, a proprietary approach to tactical investment management, and a high level of client service. We appreciate the uniqueness of each of our clients and the relationships that result from partnering with them.

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